Condition monitoring becomes simple and flexible. CMTK - a system with many advantages. 


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Feeling the heartbeat of the machine

Imagine, they already know in March which machine in your plant could cause problems in summer. And even better, you are informed about the health status of all your machines at any time and anywhere. Wouldn't that be a reassuring feeling? Without any stress or fear, you can plan maintenance and even carry out preventive repairs to avoid downtime. Modern condition monitoring can do this, because even small deviations are reliably detected.

Having a look at the costs

Successful condition monitoring saves resources and goes easy on the employees. After all the unexpected failure of machines and plant components not only has a considerable impact on the running production, but also ties up funds by keeping spare parts and redundancies in stock. A modern condition monitoring system enables leaner production, reduces the quantity of spare parts and thus pays for itself long before the first damage occurs.

Running production instead of downtime

Condition monitoring opens up a completely new perspective for maintenance. Until now, maintenance was often just talked about when the system was not working. With a well-functioning condition monitoring system this changes. Because now you are able to act proactively instead of reactively. Wear and damage can be detected and repaired in time. This increases reliability in production and avoids unplanned downtimes.

Keeping an eye on the process

Changes to machines and systems often happen gradually. They only become obvious when quality assurance measures reveal that the product quality is no longer right. You can prevent this with continuous checking.  Important process and environmental parameters such as feed rate, speed or humidity are always in your view thanks to condition monitoring. Now you will notice deviations before they affect product quality. Extra costs and rejects can be avoided.


Flexible condition monitoring

Plug and Play with over 6000 IO-Link sensors, adaptable for every application

Simple system retrofitting

Fast installation and commissioning independent of controller or cloud

Saving time and money

Avoid unplanned shutdowns and expensive production losses


Build your system in just 3 steps

The central part of every CMTK system is the base unit with its integrated software. 
In addition, there are also the sensors you have selected and an accessory package with the necessary cables.

Base Unit

only 1063
one-off payment
  • Base Unit Hardware
  • CMTK Software


e.g. 320
one-off payment
  • Balluff BCM0001
  • Balluff BES04FK


from 18
one-off payment
  • Verbindungskabel
  • Network cable

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