Everything is in the right place at the right time. Monitor your conveyor systems with the CMTK. 

  • Avoid production downtime
  • Ensure smooth material flow
  • Monitor wear and tear

Conveyors and transport systems are in constant use and are subject to high loads. Continuous monitoring detects critical operating states and prevents unplanned downtime. Take advantage of the flexibility of the CMTK system and connect the sensors that best detect the condition of your equipment. This way you will notice unusual vibrations on bearings and rollers, but also deviations in the conveying efficiency by intelligent counting sensors. The CMTK software also allows you to analyse long-term trends. In this way, you can proactively plan maintenance measures before a breakdown occurs.

The CMTK for monitoring a conveyor system could consist of:

Base Unit

The Base Unit is the core of the CMTK


Visualize and analyze
smart & easy

Sensor BCM0001

Detects vibration & contact temperature

Sensor BAW004M

inductive distance sensor

Sensor BOS026R

photoelectric sensor with counting function

The central part of every CMTK system is the base unit with its integrated software. 
In addition, there are also the sensors you have selected and an accessory package with the necessary cables.

Base Unit

only 999
one-off payment
  • Base Unit Hardware
  • CMTK Software


only 799
one-off payment
  • 2 x Balluff BCM0001
  • 1 x Balluff BAW004M
  • 1 x Balluff BOS026R


from 109
one-off payment
  • Sensor connection cables
  • Network cable

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