Always focused on the condition of your system.
Simple, flexible, cost-effective.

  • Simple monitoring of machines and systems
  • Graphical visualization of machine states
  • Avoid production downtime 

In all our application examples your specific application was not included?

No problem, because more than 6000 IO-Link sensors are now available on the market - for all possible physical measured variables and tasks:

- Vibration and temperature sensors for monitoring motors and drives
- Pressure and flow sensors for monitoring pumps and compressors
- Temperature and humidity sensors, e.g. for monitoring switch cabinets
- Capacitive or ultrasonic sensors for level detection
- Distance sensors (optical, inductive, magnetic) for detection of and movements.

Alle auf dem Markt verfügbaren IO-Link Sensoren lassen sich mit dem CMTK verbinden und vollautomatisch konfigurieren. Egal welche Maschine oder Anlage Sie überwachen wollen, das Condition Monitoring Toolkit  bietet dank seiner Flexibilität immer die passende Lösung. Kontaktieren Sie uns und wir finden auch für Sie einen passenden Lösungsvorschlag.

The CMTK for monitoring your plant could consist of:

CMTK Base Unit

The Base Unit is the
core of the CMTK

CMTK Software

Visualize and analyze
smart & easy

up to 4 matching sensors

with IO-Link interface

Build your system now

The central part of every CMTK system is the base unit with its integrated software. 
Dazu kommen die von Ihnen gewählten Sensoren und ein Zubehörpaket mit allen erforderlichen Kabeln.

Base Unit

only 999
one-off payment
  • Base Unit Hardware
  • CMTK Software


e.g. 299
one-off payment
  • Balluff BCM0001
  • Balluff BES04FK


from 74
one-off payment
  • Sensor connection cables
  • Network cable

More applications

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