Monitor electric motors with the CMTK.
So that they run safely in day-to-day operation. 

  • Permanently monitor electric motors
  • Early detection of unbalance and wear
  • Ensure process and runnability 

Monitor your electric motors with the CMTK and avoid unplanned downtime. Detect unbalance, excessive vibrations or wear in time and be informed fully automatically if limit values are exceeded. With the CMTK, the various measured variables are clearly visualized and permanent diagnosis of e.g. overload, winding defects or bearing damage is possible. Maintenance measures can thus be planned with foresight, thus extending the service life of the motors and ensuring higher system availability.

The CMTK for monitoring an electric motor could consist of:

CMTK Base Unit

The Base Unit is the
core of the CMTK

CMTK Software

Visualize and analyze
smart & easy

Sensor BCM0001

Detects vibration & contact temperature

Sensor BES04FK

inductive sensor for speed measurement

The central part of every CMTK system is the base unit with its integrated software. 
Dazu kommen die für die jeweilige Anwendung benötigten Sensoren und ein Zubehörpaket mit allen erforderlichen Kabeln.

Base Unit

only 999
one-off payment
  • Base Unit Hardware
  • CMTK Software


only 555
one-off payment
  • 2 x Balluff BCM0001
  • 1 x Balluff BES04FK


from 92
one-off payment
  • Sensor connection cables
  • Netztwerkkabel

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