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  • Compose system package
  • Connect the sensors directly
  • Easily visualize your asset states
  • Do smart analyzing of correlations

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The Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) is a comprehensive system for smart and effective monitoring of machines and plants. All components are matched to each other, so that you get a quick and direct insight into the health of your machines.


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The software enables the collected data to be automatically visualized and evaluated on site. The dashboard is automatically created and configured based on the existing sensor data. This saves a lot of time and effort when commissioning the system.

It makes it possible to display the data on different end devices, so that the information is readily available in the automation world of your company.

The software also allows the configuration of limit values and trend analyses. The acquired data can be used in many ways. They enable you to control the timing of repairs and optimize maintenance intervals. Preset limit values can be checked automatically. In this way, the machines are monitored around the clock, even in unmanned operation, and any malfunctions are rapidly detected. Critical events can also be documented and error chains can be traced.

This enables you to monitor your assets better and maintain it more efficiently.

The Base-Unit is the central element of the CMTK. This is a small computer that collects and processes the data from the various sensors. At the same time, it is also the connection point to other networks and systems where the data is further used.

The unit is mounted at a central location in the machine, so that all sensors can be connected quickly and easily. The hardware requires no connection to the machine control. This leaves existing structures and processes untouched, and there are no negative interactions due to the query and evaluation of additional data.  

The system is independent of an Internet or cloud connection. Thus there is no risk of data falling into the hands of third parties and there are also no annoying user fees.

Base Unit


Sensors are used to obtain condition data directly on site. For this purpose, suitable sensors are mounted at the relevant locations. What is needed are sensors that are easy to integrate and operate, ideally record several measured variables at one single point, and communicate the acquired data swiftly and efficiently.

Various sensors can be used for different monitoring tasks
- Vibration and temperature sensors for monitoring motors and drives
- Pressure and flow sensors for monitoring pumps and compressors
- Temperature and humidity sensors, e.g. for monitoring switch cabinets
- Capacitive or ultrasonic sensors for level detection

IO-Link has established itself as an interface. Sensors with this interface are meanwhile widely used and available from many suppliers for almost any physical parameter. IO-Link not only provides data, but also enables the automated identification of each sensor, thus allowing an automated configuration of the CMTK system.

Build your system now

The central part of every CMTK system is the base unit with its integrated software. 
Dazu kommen die von Ihnen gewählten Sensoren und ein Zubehörpaket mit allen erforderlichen Kabeln.

Base Unit

only 999
one-off payment
  • Base Unit Hardware
  • CMTK Software


e.g. 299
one-off payment
  • Balluff BCM0001
  • Balluff BES04FK


from 74
one-off payment
  • Sensor connection cables
  • Network cable

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